Competition: 2100MSP Giveaway

To celebrate the imminent release of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC (on Xbox anyway, sorry PS3/PC chaps), we’re giving away 2100 Microsoft Points. Ghee whiz! That covers the 1600MSP Dawnguard entry fee with 500 Republic of Microsoft pennies left in your pocket! Pennies you could spend on something like Quarrel or The Walking Dead: Episode One or a poodle for your virtual avatar to play vets and nurses with. Who am I to judge?


To win, delve into the dusty recesses of your memory and correctly identify as many of the twelve games pictured below as you can. This is a chance to prove you know a thing or two more than the next chump and win £17.50 worth of pretend money in the process. Once you’ve cracked as many of the puzzles as possible, scribble your answers in the comments section below.

“But what if I write down all the answers and someone copies me?” Fear not, in the interest of honour comments will remain hidden until after the competition closes. 

The competition is open until midnight QUEEN & TEA TIME Monday June 25th at which point all comments will be made public. The winner is the person with the most games guessed correctly. In the event of a tie the winner will be selected via the old names in a hat method. The 2100MSP code will be emailed to the winner during the early hours of Tuesday morning so that he/she may download the Dawnguard expansion (or the pooch in a purse) as soon as it goes live on the 26th.


Here’s some boring stuff you should know:

1. The contest is open to anybody but only people in the EU can win. Make-believe money bought in the EU is not accepted throughout the rest of the world. If you live on another continent you can enter for bragging rights but you can’t win the virtual funds. 

2. If you’re in the draw and you follow me on Twitter or Retweet the competition tweet I’ll lob your name in the hat twice.


All twelve games were released this year (2012) and are available on the Xbox 360, PS3 or both. Numbers 3, 4, 6, 10 and 12 I’ve written about on the site recently.

Click to make bigger. Hover over the image for a hint. Good luck.














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