Nintendo Conference LiveBlog



18:14 – Show’s over.

18:12 – Reggie’s back talking about WiiU again, this is wrapping up.

18:12 – Apparently it has “deeper online capability”.

18:11 – “We’re changing games from a thing that you buy to a place that you go”.

18:09 – Iwata is back and he’s invited John Riccitiello up. He’s talking about how great WiiU is. Battlefield is playing on the screen behind, that’s PC footage though. Cheaters.

18:06 – Trailers for those games now. Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro Last Light, Ninja Gaiden 3 also featured.

18:05 – Darksiders 2, Tekken, Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online all announced.

18:04 – Big boy developers are now talking about how great WiiU is on screen. Even Ken Levine’s up there showing it some love.

18:02 – Lego City Stories announced for WiiU.

18:02 – He’s talking about tech demos of which there are three: “Pirate arrows are going to come at you from all directions and find their mark.” You use the WiiU as a shield. “Chase Me is set in a familiar looking Nintendo world, but that world looks very different depending on whether you’re holding the Wii remote or the new controller.” WiiU controller gives you a birds eye view. And finally: “Two galactic fighters are on the ground shooting at a spaceship, up there the pilot is blasting away from his viewpoint.” (Guess that guy uses the WiiU). Hmm. “Prototypes, not actual games.”

18:01 – New Super Mario Bros Mii announced. Your Mii plays alongside Mario.

18:00 – There’s a trailer up now, looks HD. We’re following a bird through what looks like rural Japan. Some blossom blossoms. Back following the bird in flight. Very colourful, definitely pre rendered. Now we’re watching a flower sink. End. Was that supposed to demo how the WiiU changes the way we play games?

17:58 – Fills Aime is back “WiiU will change the way you play games” – playable at the convention.

17:58 – “Smash Bros will be developed for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU”

17:57 – Plenty of fanboys in the audience, Iwata mentions Super Smash Bros. Cheering ensues.

17:55 – Iwata is talking about gameplay now.

17:54 – Seems to be half games console, half iPad. WiiPadDS?

17:53 – “The most up to date high-quality HD images.”

17:53 – It’s not particularly good looking but it’s undeniably impressive technology. Not sure what kind of application it could have in the more core titles.

17:52 – Has shoulder buttons. You can weigh yourself with the Fitness Board without the TV.

17:52 – “You won’t have to give up your gameplay when someone else comes into the room and watches a tv program.”

17:51 –  Has a 6.2″ screen

17:50 – “Coming t your living room in 2012” Big cheers.

17:50 – They’re using it to line up catches in a baseball match. Now a girl puts the controller on the floor and swings an invisible golf club over over it. Ball appears on the screen. Now they’re video conferencing and internet browsing.

17:48 – The controller is up on screen. Looks like a PC tablet. Two analogue sticks, four buttons, gigantic touch screen in the middle. You can play games on the TV and the controller screen. Very slick transition between the two, as soon as the TV is turned off the game’s up on the controller. Now they’re using it as a digital sketch pad. Now a multiplayer device. It has tilt control.

17:46 – He’s talking about the U part, “is it unique, unifying maybe even utopian?”

17:45 – Wii U announced. Er…

17:44 – Stuff about Wii, leading up to the reveal here.

17:42 – Now he’s going on about Pokemon. Any chance of some new IP?

17:41 – Game demos available on 3DS later this year. He’s touting a Virtual Console service exclusive to the handheld. “Games predating the NES given a 3D makeover.” Mild applause.

17:40 – Reggie’s talking third party now. Tetris, Resident Evil Mercenaries, Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man, Tekken 3D, MGS Snake Eater. Sequels and remakes…

17:39 – “Luigi’s Mansion 2 is not a simple revision. It is an entirely new game. Making extraordinary use of 3D and featuring not just one, but several mansions.”

17:37 – “Let’s talk about that new game announcement.” He’s talking about Luigi’s Mansion 2. Luigi’s up on the big screen vacuuming ghosts in a spooky mansion.

17:35 – Kid Icarus Uprising trailer. now Looks fancy. Includes multiplayer, lots of sword swiping and shooting. Only a little bit camp.

17:34 – “When do all players get a chance to play? Before the year is over.”

17:32 – Super Mario 3D trailer. Jumping, goombas, gold coins, Mario music, power ups, green shells, underwater bits,  3Dness. Looks like Mario.

17:32 – Starfox 64 3D out this September.

17:32 – Starfox can be controlled with tilt controls or buttons. Looks like Starfox.

17:32 – “Starfox is back and with Nintendo 3DS”.

17:31 – Out this holiday season.

17:29 – Mario Kart trailer up on the screen. Looks like Mario Kart but presumably in 3D. Oo hang gliders.

17:28 – Specifically Mario Kart, it’s going to be a “tricked-out version you haven’t driven before”.

17:28 –  Regis Fills Aime is up. “Yeah we hear you, you want what you’ve always wanted, but you always want something new.” Eh? He’s talking about the 3DS.

17:26 – Looks like Mario Kart 3DS on the gigantic screen now. Followed by Starfox, SMB. Screen goes dark and we’re… Luigi’s Mansion!

17:26 – Out next year though.

17:25 – “We are going to leave the full details for a little later this morning.” BOO.

17:24 – “Wider appeal to all gamers”.

17:24 – “The new platform will provide deeper game experiences than the most passionate gamer has realised before.”

17:23 – He’s talking about a “new home platform”.

17:22 – Satoru Iwata takes to the stage.

17:21 – Now he’s got some of the LoZ team out for a big thank you. Absolutely no footage of Skyward Sword. Nice music though.

17:20 – Miyamoto is talking about CDs now. He sure likes his LoZ music.

17:18 – 25th Anniversary symphony concerts in each region around the world this Fall. Interesting.

17:18 – And finally Skyward Sword – “Released worldwide this holiday season for Wii.” Uses Wii Motion Plus (about time Nintendo started back it). They’re touting a special gold Zelda remote now.

17:16 – 4 player co-op Legend of Zelda Four Swords out this September on the DSi. It’s a free download. How generous.

17:15 – The 3DS remake of The Ocarina of Time 3D, out this weekend.

17:14 – Links Awakening on the 3DS eStore today.

17:13 – “For our 25th anniversary we have prepared a Zelda title for each of our consoles.”

17:12 – The orchestra is playing pieces of iconic Zelda music on demand. Miyamoto is having a great time.

17:10 – Talk about music, the translator is speaking over Miyamoto, it’s off-putting. But quite impressive, I can’t talk and listen at the same time.

17:09 – The Legend of Zelda, 25th Anniversary on screen. Boy that’s one big screen. Miyamoto is on stage now.

17:08 – We’re still montaging here. Sucks to be you if you don’t like Zelda right now. Then again, who doesn’t like Zelda?

17:06 – It’s all very dramatic here. Zelda montage footage on screen now, probably not Wii Music then. Wind Waker is obviously the best Zelda, followed by A Link to the Past.

17:05 – Here we go, there’s a live orchestra playing the Zelda theme. So we’re either looking at Wii Music 2 or a new Zelda.

17:04 – Nintendo following in the footsteps of Sony, ie they’re running late.

17:02 – There’s a Starfox 64 quiz on screen right now.

17:01 – No doubt there’ll be some games too. Mario? Zelda? Maybe something… new? Probably not.

17:00 – Seconds away from the Nintendo conference. What to expect? The announcement of Project Cafe, AKA Nintendo certainly (let’s hope they’ve got a better name lined up for it than that. Although we are talking about the company that named their last console the “Wii” so I’m not holding my breath.)

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